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We Have Trusted AtoZinIT As Our IT Provider For Over 20 Years

We have trusted AtoZinIT as our IT provider for over 20 years. This has allowed us to focus on our core business while they transitioned us through the ever-changing IT landscape of business. By providing server/cloud solutions, information security, and VoIP phone service, they have continuously brought us solutions that allowed us to grow and adapt in a ever changing and competitive marketplace. We recommend AtoZinIT as an IT provider to others without reservation.

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Hans Warren


Warco Construction

The Best Part Is Their Unlimited Technical Support And Their Quick Response Time To Solve Any Problem

Since 2015 our company has been working with AtoZinIT, as they were highly recommended by Servman to solve our many in house server problems that we were having at the time. Once they began hosting our servers with their cloud-based services, all our problems disappeared. The best part is their unlimited technical support and their quick response time to immediately and quickly solve any problems or make any changes that we need. I would highly recommend their web and cloud based services to anyone that needed them.

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Donna Conigliaro


Reliable Furniture Services

AtoZinIT Is Incredibly Fast And Responsive!

AtoZinIT is incredibly fast and responsive. They work very well with other IT support providers we use locally. I like their full spectrum support offering and that they also support one of our major software providers. We’ve reduced the risks of data leakage as well as tightened up our authentication protocols. We’ve also moved to a fully cloud based infrastructure. I highly recommend AtoZinIT for anyone looking for remote IT support or data hosting.

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John Ekblad

General Manager

Acme Dock Specialists, Inc

We Have Been A Customer For 7 Years

We have been a customer of AtoZinIT for almost 7 years. They host our VoIP system and help us with our on-premise servers. We have had very little downtime and when there has been an issue, they are quick to respond even if it is after hours, on weekends, or even on holidays. I highly recommend letting them help your business with any of your computer or hosting needs.

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Tim Anderson

Global IT Manager

ARCA Tech Systems

AtoZinIT Has Provided IT Support For As Long As I Can Remember

The team at AtoZinIT has provided IT support to Carolina Pool Management for as long as I can remember. We had serious issues on numerous with our computers functionality, data backup, our phone system and ongoing issues with viruses and hackers. No longer are these issues, thanks to the team at AtoZinIT. I highly recommend this company and encourage you to give them a try.

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Jeff Gaeckle


Carolina Pool Management

I Recommend AtoZinIT Without Hesitation

Reword current testimonial that is on the website to: The biggest benefit we have received working with AtoZinIT is the customer service and speed at which problems are addressed and corrected. We also appreciate that their services are fairly priced and thanks to their standout customer service, our business runs smoothly without major IT issues getting in the way. Their customer service is what stands out to me the most and is top notch. I 100% recommend AtoZinIT’s services to anyone looking for IT support!

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Brian Strump


CrossFit Steele Creek

Swift, Professional, and Excellent

I recommend AtoZinIT for their Excellent Data System Service. Their team responds immediately and quickly to resolve any adjustments needed with the upmost professional and supporting guidance, and I am very pleased with the results that they provide.

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Cynthia Rudge

Jr. Accountant

ServiceToday Inc

They Let Me Focus On Running And Growing My Business

Technology can be complicated, ever changing, negatively influenced by many outside services and products and lead to predatory bad actors. It also is our most vital instrument to going to market and growing our business next to our people. AtoZinIT gives me peace of mind and my day back when trouble arises and the unexpected occurs. They seem to always be working behind the scenes, providing updates and advancing security to our data and servers. And, when something bigger comes up, even on a Sunday afternoon or late evening, they answer the bell without hesitation providing a service security blanket that rivals any vendor I have for my entire company. They let me focus on running and growing my business.

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William Vowteras

President & CEO

Airmatic Compressor Systems

AtoZinIT Stands Out For Its Commitment To Its Clients

The support from the AtoZinIT Team is second to none. Qualified individuals to assist in your time of need. Ranges from complex to minor; does not matter. The personalized approach is appreciated in this business climate of automations and difficult to reach people. AtoZinIT stands out for its commitment to its clients. Assisting from day 1. It is the personalized approach to helping you get your business set up for the now; with an eye to the future. The menu of options to meet future growth was a huge plus. Knowing that we could leverage those assets and regardless of size, stay with AtoZinIT and never skip a beat was a huge selling point. Ivan did a great job of relaying that information and helping build a custom road map for the business. Since moving to the phone system; we have grown our client base by over 300%. We have been able to track and measure our marketing efforts. This has given visibility on what levers are working best. Highly reccommend Ivan and the AtoZinIT Team. If you are a small business looking to grow; larger business looking to replace existing network; the AtoZinIT Team is second to none.

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Brad Davis

HVAC President

Brian B Quick

From The Very First Interaction, The Team At AtoZinIT Made Me Feel Like I Was A Priority

What really made AtoZinIT stand out to me was their ability to provide tailored solutions that met my specific needs. They took the time to understand my business and my goals, and were able to offer customized strategies that helped me achieve the results I was looking for. I absolutely would recommend AtoZinIT to others. Their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to their clients is truly exceptional, and I have no doubt that anyone who works with them will be just as impressed as I am.

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Peter Gerrard


Artel Eggs LLC

Great Customer Service / Wonderful Work Ethic / Amazing Leadership

Great companies start at the top with great leaders. Ivan understands his customers’ needs and has built strong relationships and open communication with his employees. AtoZinIT has a team of people that understand the mission of the company and the needs of the customer. Working with the AtoZinIT team for almost 20 years now has been one I will always remember as a very positive experience. Their work ethics are amazing, and no matter the task, the AtoZinIT team has been there to help. AtoZinIT has handled many IT tasks for our companies. No matter when I have called or texted, I always get a quick answer back.

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Berne Tripp

N.C. State Bar Certified Paralegal

American Spirit Media, LLC – Corporate

They Are Customer Oriented And Have Helped Us Countless Times Over The Years

AtoZinIT has helped us countless times over the years to resolve our technical issues in a reliable, consistent, and supportive manner. They are customer oriented and we would recommend their services to anyone seeking support. They always recommend the best options and are great problem solvers. Every member of the team has always been professional and eager to help resolve our challenges.

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George Bagdasarian

N.C. Certified Paralegal

U.S. Textile & Apparel