Search Engine Optimization for Charlotte NC

Having a great looking website is awesome (and we’d be happy to create one for you) but bringing people to it is essential to your business.

The competition is intense, and everybody has an online presence nowadays, so how do you stand out? Are you offering a unique product or a service that no one else does? Or is it the quality of your work or your offering that sets you apart from the others? Are you the only one that provides a specific service in your area? Even if you are, nothing guarantees that your website’s presence will ever achieve the same level of popularity that your company has achieved unless you invest some time and effort in driving people to it.

So How Do You Get The Online Ranking You Deserve?

All websites (brand new or older) depend on the Search Engines to find them, understand them, and eventually offer them to the audience in the search results. Search Engine Optimization handles exactly that – it makes sure that the Search Engines (such as Google, BING) are aware of your website; it ensures that all your content is translated properly in a coding language so that the Search Engine will “understand” what your business is about; and it directs prospective customers to your site, when you meet the desired search criteria. Having your SEO settings correctly set by trained professionals ensures that your website will have the ranking your business deserves – not based on your budget for paid ads, but on the quality of your services or products. Don’t be fooled into spending money on ads only - it’s not the answer, SEO is!

Why 6 Months

Unlike most of the other Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies, offers SEO packages for 4 and 6 months. We don’t charge our customers by the hour, but for completed tasks. While the 4-months plan is recommended for experienced users, who can manage most of the steps by themselves, the 6-months plan covers all your SEO needs.

Maximizing Your Budget

We allow the small business owner to maximize their budget with smaller monthly fees instead of a one-time payment which reduces the cost of this valuable and necessary service.

Maximum Benefit For You

Many of the SEO settings can take months to show results. That's why a 6 months project plan is optimal and allows us to show you what we have achieved. If needed, our team applies changes that may be necessary allowing us to gauge our outcomes and ensure maximum benefit for you.

6 Months Of Services

Our team stays on task for the entire project duration working on several projects for our customers. This ensures that we are available to partner and consult, answering your questions as they arise while handling additional tasks and issues that may pop up, allowing us to make necessary changes, keeping up with best practices as well as the newest trends. Basically, you pay the same price or less as you would pay our competitors for a 30-day project, but you get the benefit of our services for the full 6 months.

Custom Project Plan

Websites vary and average between 5 and 10 pages, but others (online stores, for example) are larger and more complicated involving hundreds of product pages or local landing pages. Paying a “per hour” fee could drive costs through the roof. At, we prepare a custom project plan for each individual website ensuring that identified tasks will be completed in a timely manner.

Our work is 100% guaranteed and our customer satisfaction drives our customers to return for additional services related to their SEO settings, online presence, and our other services.

Why Choose Us? has a dedicated team of SEO specialists with more than 15 years of experience. We have been delivering these services for many years adding extra value to our clients, whose websites we have designed and developed. Through the years we constantly improved and extended the list of services, keeping up with the new industry trends and new directions in Search Engine requirements. Our philosophy is that SEO settings are as important as the design and the functionality of any website. This philosophy was a driving force in creating our entire package of services, especially transparency and mobility, all on the foundations of customization.


For over 25 years has built a business on ethics and trust. We tell you what we are going to do and then we do what we say;

We provide detailed reporting that keeps you informed every step of the way. Keeping you informed and, helping you understand how things work, why they are needed and exactly what work we have performed;

Along with our technical work, we give you best practice recommendations of how you can improve your presence – improve your website’s structure, appearance, and existing content. Our team of engineers, developers and designers will be available to you whenever you may desire to add more content, change the appearance, or add more functionality;

Our product offerings include additional value-added services that our competitors fail to include in their standard SEO packages giving you more bang for your buck;

We use only White Hat SEO tactics and tools and everything is applied manually, by real people. This guarantees you that your website will be compliant, avoiding penalties from Google or any other search engines providers, and allowing you to rise to the top on searches that associate to your business;

Our team works in unison with your website developers, so you won’t be constantly asked to provide admin access or rights, passwords, or permissions. We handle everything for you and we have specialists in all major Web platforms. So, there is no concern that we don’t understand the product your website is built on;

We offer promotional prices and loyalty discounts for our returning customers who have chosen to use our Website development services or Hosting plans.

Custom! Everything we do is custom!



SEO Strategy Development

  • Our Consultants will identify your needs and design a custom program while integrating with your team. This includes getting familiar with your company, products/services, and desired target audience.
  • Identifying the keywords and phrases that differentiate your business/services. Some companies prefer a focus on their products or services, while others put more emphasis on their brand. Once we identify the desired direction our team will create a customized web strategy.
  • Our team will perform an Analysis of the current website’s condition from SEO point of view, and its online appearance. Based on a list with keywords and phrases, we prepare a report on your current position as it relates to Google requirements.
  • Text/content review: analysis of the current text content of the website, including the keywords’ appearance, density, usage of synonyms etc. We will also make recommendations to optimize your content to maximize the effectiveness of your site, as well applying the recommended changes.
  • Analysis of your competitors’ websites and their online presence, establishing the best practices in your market. Your competition is the best way to learn what you should or shouldn’t do as it relates to search engines such as Google. If your competitors are appearing where you want to be our analysis will show you what it will take to elevate you above them in the search results. Our competitors’ report will highlight what we have identified as your key advantages and the impact we can have on your site.

On-Page SEO

  • Redirects: If a previous website exists, redirects are needed to transfer the traffic from each of the old pages to the corresponding page of the new website. This is necessary if you want to keep the ranking you already achieved and not to lose any traffic. It also handles the redirect from the HTTP to the HTTPS version of your website;
  • Optimization of the pages’ URLs and transforming them in User-friendly ones;
  • Meta tags: implementation of additional tags containing technical information about your website;
  • Titles and Descriptions: manual implementation of unique Meta Title and Description for each individual page of your website;
  • Canonization: handles any duplicate content issues;
  • Structured data: creation and implementation of scripts giving information to the Search Engines about your products/services and company;
  • Robots.txt creation and implementation: ensures that the Search Engines will visit the desired pages and won’t index the hidden ones (admin pages, profile pages, etc.);
  • Sitemap creation and upload: gives information to the Search Engines of the website’s structure and helps determine the pages’ hierarchy;
  • ALT tags: implemented to the images, those tags help your website appear in the Image Search Results as well;
  • Custom Error page: we create a page with a design corresponding to your website design that will deliver a custom message to your customers;
  • Social media buttons: we create and setup your social media buttons with design, corresponding to your website;
  • Website Favicon implementation: a small image/logo which appears in the browser’s tab when your website is opened;

Off Page SEO

  • Google Tag Manager setup and verification: needed for the further implementation of scripts related to other Google Tools;
  • Google Analytics setup and verification – a powerful tool used for statistics about your website’s visits. Automatic custom reports can be set on a monthly, weekly or daily basis;
  • Google Search Console setup and verification – a tool used for diagnostics and information about possible issues – crawl errors, HTML improvements, incorrectly implemented structured data, etc;
  • Security Verification;
  • Mobile-friendly test to ensure that your website has a responsive design and can be viewed on any device;

Social Accounts SEO

  • Social accounts review and setup: includes creation of the main social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) associated with your company, or a review of the existing ones;
  • Registration in Google My Business so that your website can start appearing on the map with your address, logo, working hours, images, etc;


  • Positions report: shows you where your website is ranked based on a list with keywords and phrases determined as important for your company;
  • Final Report - a general report on everything completed during our SEO project;

Additional Services

  • Google Ads account setup and maintenance, allowing you to organize your CPC campaigns with text or image ads;
  • BING/Yahoo SEO Services: includes maps registration, application of Meta Tags, and setup and verification of BING Webmaster Tools account;

What You Can Expect After the Project Is Completed:

Your website will be up to date with all current requirements from Google;

We guarantee that Google will index your website properly. This includes the services/products and the service area;

We do not guarantee that your website will be at first position (no one could), but we do guarantee that it will take the position it deserves as a result of your efforts, text content, and quality of services/products;

Our team uses only White Hat SEO tactics and tools, everything is applied manually, which guarantees you that the website and every step of the marketing strategy will be adequate and you won't get penalties from Google or any other search engine as result of our actions;

Every step of the SEO process will be accompanied by report, containing the current situation, the recommended actions and/or changes that have been applied by us;

Each step of the SEO strategy gives results after different period of time - some might take effect right away, others are expected to bring results after weeks or months and will keep bringing you benefits even after our work is done and the project is finished. It is considered that the full effect of the SEO settings can be achieved within 2 years;

For best results, make sure that you follow correctly the recommendations you will receive by us during the process;

After the project is over, we recommend regular SEO Monitoring. This separate service will help you stay current with the latest ranking changes in your field;

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